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About Sourabh

Sourabh started the Olinone back in 2017 from his college before graduating out in 2018. By day, Sourabh works for a private organization and by night, he's focusing his time on developing and growing his dream startup. He's the key behind this whole idea of Olinone. He's been handling the design & development, Networking, Market research and sometimes the content writing as well ever since he started.

Co-Founder & MD
team member

About Shrikant

After graduating from Rajasthan Technical University in Computer Science engineering 2017 years ago, Shrikant joined Olinone's networking department. He now oversees all our website servers by ensuring that it works properly as required. In his space time, Shrikant loves to explore Server and IT department.

Co-Founder & CEO
team member

About Nidhi

Nidhi is the pillor of the company who stands everytime and technology is like god gifted in her hand.Logic and Designing is awesome.Masters from JECRC college at age 20, Nidhi has been involved in designing, testing and marketing strategies since Olinone founded. She has led several large projects and has helped in laying the foundation for Olinone. She's really been a great leader as well as a colleague for everyone else. Her leadership qualities and coordination with her inferiors and superiors is quite appreciating.

Co-Founder & CTO
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About Bhanu

Bhanu has been the lead content writer at Onlione since 2018. He is a freelance content writer who offers ghostwriting, website content writing and blogging services. He's just started his writing about 2 years ago and following his passion to a greater extent. Basically, he's from a civil engineering background and aiming to secure a government job. He mainly writes in his free time.

Content Writer
team member

About Sakshi Dhiman

Sakshi works as a android developer in olinone. she design olinone UI.Sakshi has been working for Online as the programmer and developer of andriod application even before she got graduated. As the youngest member of the programming team, she brings fresh perpectives on the latest programming trends and new language development. She's really been a true inspiration even for the other team members.

Sakshi Dhiman
Android Developer
team member

About Jyoti Panthari Mamgai

Jyoti Panthari Mamgai
Web Designer
mobile application of the


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