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Google Meet new feature allow host able to disable participants microphones or camera


Google Meet is getting a new feature, which will allow hosts to maintain the decorum of the room. The hosts will soon be able to disable other participants’ microphones or cameras, and participants won’t get the option to enable them until the host decides to do that. The company made this announcement in a Workspace blog.

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Telegram will now allow 1000 viewers to be part of video calls


Telegram has released a new update which brings many new features to the platform. Users will now be able to place group video calls with up to 1000 viewers. However, only 30 users can participate in the calls, while the rest can view them. The update will also allow video messages to be recorded in higher quality than before and you will be able to watch regular videos at 0.5 or 2x speed.

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How To Share Wi Fi Password on Android and iOS Securely?


Do you often have guests at your place? Consequently, do you have a hard time sharing your Wi-Fi password so they can connect to the network? Or maybe, do you have a device that isnt connected to a network, but you also have another device thats connected? Well, Android and iOS offer useful Wi-Fi sharing features.

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Ola Electric Scooter


With a move to capitalize on the growing electric vehicles market in India, India-based ride-hailing giant Ola Cabs recently set up the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing unit in India. Moreover, to solidify its position in the electric vehicles market in the country, the Bengaluru-based company announced its electric scooter, the Ola S-series, earlier this month.

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Google Maps adds real time bus information for Delhi commuters


Google Maps will be providing Delhi commuters real-time bus information on the app. Google has teamed up with Delhi Transport Ministry, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Delhi, and Lepton Software to add information about bus arrival times for Delhi on Google Maps, making it easier for people to plan their trips.

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Windows 7 users can upgrade PC or laptop in windows 11


Are you a Windows 7 user? Does your PC meet Windows 11’s system requirements? If the answer to that question is positive, your Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 11 is possible. However, there’s a catch like there always is when it comes to Microsoft.

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How you can change group privacy settings in whatsapp


WhatsApp by default allows anyone with your phone number to message you or add you to a group. This is similar to how anyone can send you an SMS or email if they have your contact information. But, you can change the privacy settings if you don’t want unknown users to add to you in a group.

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Chrome for Android Adds New Alternate Google Search Bar; Here’s How to Enable It


Google has been adding a lot of exciting new features to Chrome for Android lately. We recently saw the Mountain View giant introduce a new integrated screenshot tool into its mobile browser. Now, the company is testing a new feature in Chrome for Android that lets users easily switch between Google search results.

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How to Roll Back to Windows 10 From Windows 11


If you recently upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10 and find the new UI, taskbar, and the Start menu not to your liking, worry not, you can roll back to Windows 10 easily. While we loved many of the Windows 11 features, we understand that the next-gen OS is not for everyone.

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Windows 11 Black Screen Problem


If you are someone who has used Windows for a long time, you might have encountered the Blue Screen of Death. Commonly referred to as BSOD, the error screen usually appears when a critical error occurs in one’s system. And now, it’s changed its color to black.

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How to Upgrade to Windows 11 From Windows 10


After the Windows 11 announcement, Windows 11 Preview Build 22000.51 is finally here in the Dev channel. At Microsoft’s Windows event, the Redmond giant unveiled the next generation of Windows. It is rightly called Windows 11.

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Windows 11 requirements


Windows 11 may look like it has undergone a cosmetic change over Windows 10, but looking at the Windows 11 system requirements, it seems there is more to it under the hood. It seems Windows 11 is only going to run on recently-released PCs and not older computers.

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How to check PC or laptop compatibility for the run windows 11


Windows 11 has just been unveiled by Microsoft, and it truly kickstarts a new era for Windows as a desktop operating system. Impeccably designed with new UI elements, Windows 11 is going to be a favorite among users who wanted a minimal and clean user experience.

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Microsoft to end support for Windows 10 in 2025


Microsoft has announced that it will end support for Windows 10 in 2025. The company’s updated Windows lifecycle fact sheet states that the company will drop support for Windows 10 Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, and Pro Education on October 14, 2025

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The New Renault Megane E Tech Electric


For the first time, Renault unveiled a camouflaged production-ready model of its upcoming electric car Megane E-Tech. A full public debut of the Megane E-Tech electric will take place later this year.

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WhatsApp Business API adds more support for types of messages


WhatsApp has announced updates to its Business Application Programming Interface (API) to ensure businesses can have a more meaningful interaction with their customers with support for more types of messages. The changes announced at Facebook’s annual F8 Refresh conference are geared towards medium and large businesses.

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How To Contact WhatsApp India Grievance Officer?


In a recent update, WhatsApp has named Paresh B Lal as the grievance officer for WhatsApp India. The news came in earlier today when WhatsApp updated the information on its website’s FAQ section.

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Twitter Ticketed Spaces feature will let you earn money by hosting live audio rooms


Twitter is all set to launch its “Ticketed Spaces” feature, which will allow users to earn money by hosting live audio rooms. Those who have at least 1,000 followers on Twitter will get access to this feature. This is basically an expansion of the “Spaces” feature, which was recently launched.

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Facebook develop wrist band using AR technology


Facebook has developed its new augmented reality interface, based on technology developed by CTRL-Labs, the startup it acquired in 2019. A new video by Facebook shows off wristbands that use EMG (electromyography) to turn subtle neural signals into actions.

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HMD Global could launch a Nokia branded smartphone with 108MP penta camera


HMD Global is said to be working on a new 5G smartphone that could come with a 108-megapixel Penta rear camera setup, as per Nokia Power User.  The report further states that the new smartphone from the Finish company could possibly be a successor to the Nokia 8.3 5G and may be called the Nokia X50.

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Facebook announces Clubhouse clone ‘Live audio rooms’, coming this summer


Facebook is betting big on audio. The social media giant on Monday announced that the company is creating a new feature called Live Audio Rooms, its version of the popular Clubhouse app that allows people to listen and engage in live audio conversations.

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WhatsApp Integration with the Facebook Messenger


Tech giant Facebook has started working on its plan to integrate Facebook Messenger with Instagram DMs and WhatsApp. The company successfully integrated Facebook Messenger with Instagram’s DMs (Direct Messages) last year and now the company has made the first step towards integrating Whatsapp into the mix.

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E Waste


E-waste is electronic products that are unwanted, not working, and nearing or at the end of their “useful life.” Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are everyday electronic products.

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Liquid Lens Technology


Liquid lenses are a new technology rapidly gaining popularity in the industrial sector. They offer numerous benefits over traditional lenses in a wide variety of applications. In fact, it's their versatility and flexibility that have been the main drivers of their successful adoption.

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Google meet extend free unlimited video call scheme till June 2021


Google Meet has made unlimited video calls free on the platform till June 2021. The new offer is an extension of the previous pandemic-induced offer where the 60–minute cap was removed from the service. Google Meet users before the pandemic could set up free video calls for up to 60 minutes, after which the calls would end.

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Google release camscanner alternative


If you’re using an Android device, you can easily download Google Stack from the Play Store if you’re in the US. If you’re from other regions including India, you will have to wait until Google makes the app available in your regions. The same goes for iOS users who want to give Stack a shot.

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Linkedln work on audio chat functionality like clubhouse


After people attract to the clubhouse, all the social media platforms copied the feature of audio chat like a clubhouse. Facebook starts development on it as well as now LinkedIn also work on it.

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Slack introduce feature like clubhouse create rooms


Slack, one of the most used team communications app for remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic will be including a feature of the iOS-exclusive Clubhouse app. As per a report by Protocol, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield talked about the upcoming features in a Clubhouse room.

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How to hide phone number on telegram


Hiding your phone number prevents strangers from getting your registered phone number and harassing you on Telegram or outside the platform. Here is how you can hide your Telegram number in a few easy steps.

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Story draft feature upcoming in instagram


Instagram is all set to add a new Stories feature. Users will soon be able to save their unfinished Instagram Stories as drafts. This feature is similar to how drafts work on Twitter. So, if you want to come back to draft stories and complete them later, you will be able to do that soon. Instagram announced the arrival of this feature via its official Twitter handle. The social media giant didn’t reveal the exact date of the release.

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Google help in learning science and maths


Google’s Search app has evolved over the past years into more than just a tool that can find quick information and relevant links. The app today is a powerful resource to gather information on a lot of topics, including various forms of academics, something that is crucial during the ongoing pandemic.

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Facebook testing green screen editing tool


Facebook is now working on a new ‘Green screen’ option within the Facebook Stories creative tools, which will allow users to add a background image or a video to their stories.

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Facebook develop wrist band using AR technology


Facebook has developed its new augmented reality interface, based on technology developed by CTRL-Labs, the startup it acquired in 2019. A new video by Facebook shows off wristbands that use EMG (electromyography) to turn subtle neural signals into actions.

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Signal upcoming feature migration chats


The signal is a popular instant messaging app after the whatsapp policy update, but due to lacks of features compared to others messaging app like Telegram and WhatsApp.

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Google Pay to get new feature, which will let users turn off activity in privacy settings


Google will give users more control over how their Google Pay activity is used to personalize features in the app. The company confirmed this in an announcement on its official India blog. Google Pay has proved to be a very popular mode of payment for UPI-based transactions in India and dominates the space at the number two spot with over 850 million transactions per month, according to the latest data.

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How to stop facebook collect user data


Today's every company collect user data it is no surprise. In the world, Facebook is the number one company in collecting data of the user. This third-party app tracking depends on the number of services signed up using Facebook login.

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Android 12 latest update


Google introduces new features in the Android latest update. The latest update will help improve battery life and gives users the ability to do more with their smartphones and go hands-free. 

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flipkart voice search feature


Flipkart has announced that the new feature voice searching available in both language Hindi or English and will help bring new customers to the platform, simplifying their early Flipkart journey.

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Whatsapp feature mute video before sharing


IM app WhatsApp added a new feature and release its new update, In this feature users mute videos before sharing them. The feature lets Android users mute the audio on video files before they share it on their status as well.

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how to earn money from twitter


Twitter announced the new feature in which Twitter users will earn money from exclusive tweets and other content they provide to their followers. This new feature called "Super Follow" at a virtual analyst event.

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Telegram new feature broadcast and homescreen widget autodelete


Telegram added a new feature with the update. These include an auto-delete functionality for one-on-one Telegram chats, groups, and even channels.

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Facebook new feature for stop sharing search for child sexual abuse material


Facebook has announced the feature in which prevents sharing of images, videos, and any other content which includes child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on its platform.

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KITE GNU Linux Lite Kerala Launched


India's state Kerala state-owned KITE (Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education) has launched a new operating system (OS) called KITE GNU-Linux Lite 2020.

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Netflix download features


Now, Netflix has new feature ‘Downloads For You’, which will help customers watch web series or movies and content on Netflix without an internet connection. The Netflix ‘Downloads For You’ comes as a follow-up to the Netflix Smart Downloads feature that the brand introduced three years ago.

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Digilocker with Passport Seva Programme


Digilocker is the "locker or safe" app, it is available for android as well as iOS users. It is integrated with many government departments.

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Google feature of sharing Apps, links and Media Data


After the Chinese app banned in India Google working on alternative apps for banned apps in India. Google provides sharing feature now in the play store.

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WhatsApp working on the misinformation regarding privacy


WhatsApp fights the opposite of the misinformation and confusion over the new privacy policy. For this confusion solution WhatsApp showing by default status on WhatsApp.

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Now google photos are categorising according to holiday and food memories


Google addon new feature in google photos “Memories collections,” feature. In New update of the google photos this features will be added.

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a open source currency and it was using in 2009. Bitcoin is decentralized  digital currency means without central bank. single administrator, that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

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Electric cars in india


According to survey, youth take interest in the electric cars, one of the biggest reason Tesla is here and now Ratan Tata - TATA motors also move on the manufacturing in the electric cars 

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India own map app developed by MapmyIndia with ISRO


The Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO signed agreement with the MapmyIndia for the develop mapping and other location-based services in India, which MapmyIndia suggested could become an alternative to widely-used Google maps and similar products.

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Clubhouse Cloning by the Facebook or Twitter


Facebook and Twitter have started cloning new competitor and are trying to attract users to their own cloning app. The clubhouse is popular in the short run, with a large number of users and investors also investing in it.

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New trick hacker use for hacking


Nowdays millions of user having privacy concern as priority, when browsing the Internet use VPN or incognito mode in browser for the safety and secure their activities.

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Indian Government alternative app SANDES


Security concerns for the messaging platform began years ago after it was acquired by Facebook. Now, the self-reliant Indian government has taken matters into its own hands and launched a new desi WhatsApp alternative called ‘Sandes.’

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Telegram privacy and security feature


Telegram offers various features and tools and some of them are solely focused on making Telegram users feel more secure and in control of the app’s privacy. Here are 10 Telegram privacy features you need to check out right now.

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20 best feature in signal app for privacy


After the whatsapp privacy policy changes huge amount of user moved on the other platforms like signal but signal have 20 unique features from other messaging app.

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How to book bus sit from IRCTC website


IRCTC Bus Booking Services: As the service is already live on the official website site, here's how you can book a bus online via IRCTC.

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WhatsApp VS signal on its privacy policy


WhatsApp is one of the most loved and widely used messaging apps in India, but the company was recently under fire for its new privacy policy.

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Instagram working on TikTok style Vertical Feed for stories


Instagram has confirmed that it's internally testing another TikTok copycat functionality, this time within Instagram Stories.

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Digital Payment QR Scan Frauds


Digital payments have made life easy for millions of Indians. However, instances of payment frauds are also increasing. Did you know fraudsters can scam you even if they don’t have your card or bank account details? One such one fraud on the rise is the QR Code Fraud.

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Facebook new Feature add music on profile picture


Did you know that you can feature music from your favorite artists and albums on your Facebook profile? Well, if you want to flaunt your songs collection or want to stream music while browsing your timeline.

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Google adding new feature for searching content


Google will add more context and information about a site in its Search results. The company said that the rollout is underway in US and the new feature will be available on Android devices, desktops and mobile web.

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Instagram upcoming feature


Instagram is testing a new change that may invite mixed reactions from users worldwide. Users of the social networking app will not be able to share or re-share their posts from feeds as stories.

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Telegram features


After Whatsapp policy update many users migrate on another messaging apps. Telegram is one of the such app. Here the method of export chats from whatsapp to telegram in android and iOS

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Customized wallpaper features now in signal


Signal now allows you to set customised Chat Wallpapers. WhatsApp just recently added this feature to offer users a better experience. It seems that Signal is leaving no stone unturned to offer WhatsApp users reasons to switch to its private messaging app.

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How to stop facebook tracking


Facebook having access to a lot of user data than it really needs for basic functioning. There are a few ways to stop allowing Facebook to track your daily activities or data. You can turn off most of the permissions for Facebook that are not required for it to operate properly.

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Whatsapp will add new security feature in desktop or web version


Whatsapp will add new security feature in desktop or web version. In upcoming update of the desktop or web app of the whatsapp user need to face ID or fingerprint to unlock the phone and access the whatsapp in desktop or web.

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Google Map Makes transliteration in 10 Indian regional languages


Google Introduce new feature in map. Now the feature work in 10 indian language Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Odia.

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Facebook Users data hacked and sold by the telegram bot


According to research, In 2019 about 42 crore records identified as a unsecured server having 150M users from the US and UK. Hackers used telegram bot as users detail access.

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5G in india


The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has sought inputs from telcos and other industry experts on the sale and use of radio frequency spectrum over the next 10 years, including the 5G bands.

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Neeva search engine developed by Alumini IITIANS


Sridhar Ramaswamy, Founder & CEO of Neeva, the ad-free, private search which hopes to offer users a viable alternative.

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WhatsApp Added video or voice call feature in desktop version


WhatsApp has been long rumored to be working on adding a call and video call button to the web version of the app. It is now believed that the feature is being slowly rolled out to some of the web users.

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New animated or regular Stickers and send them to friends on signal


If you’ve switched from WhatsApp to Signal, stickers may be missing. Both Telegram and WhatsApp offer a lot of sticker packs, but you will find very few sticker packs in the Signal Messaging app

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WhatsApp introduce Read Later feature


WhatsApp is working on a Read Later feature and the platform is expected to release it shortly. It is all set to replace the existing Archived Chats feature.

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WhatsApp Chats Secure from Hacking


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in India, with more than 450 million monthly active users on its Android and iOS platforms.

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India Messaging App Hike Shutting Down


Users can download their data inside the Hike app. On the same day, Mittal announced that the company will be focusing on Vibe and Rush which will use Hike emojis and include minigames.

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windows 10x first look leak on twitter


Microsoft originally planned to build Windows 10X as a new operating system that succeeded Windows 10 for foldable PCs. These include new designs that were beginning to pop up like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, which was seen at CES 2020.

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How to get backup data and delete account from whatsapp


If you are planning to switch to other messaging apps due to privacy reasons, then you might be wondering how you can delete your WhatsApp account and collect all the data.

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How to Choose Country Domain For Google Search?


Using a country domain to get region-specific Google Search results is a thing of the past now. For instance, it’s for India and for the United Kingdom.

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Why we need to Use Signal Messaging App Instead of Whatsapp?


Ditch WhatsApp, switch to Signal. That’s the route some users are taking in 2021 after WhatsApp updated its privacy policy which elaborates more on the data sharing with Facebook. In fact

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WhatsApp Group in search result on google


Google has indexed invite links to private WhatsApp group chats, meaning anyone can join various private chat groups (including several porn-sharing groups) with a simple search.

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Whatsapp upcoming feature multi device interface


WhatsApp has been continuously rolling out some new features over the past year. However, multi-device support has been missing on the platform and has only been spotted in the beta versions so far

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Mirror Android Screen To PC


Android screen mirroring isn’t as popular as other Android topics like rooting or customization.

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Google Search to soon show ‘short video’ results from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube


In India, Google’s Discover feed has started showing short videos from the platform Firework TV. But in the new feature, Google Search will start showing short videos from TikTok and Instagram in the search results. It is possible that Google may support other short video apps later.

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Why System restart after the update or installing software


Most people to restart their computer after installing software or updating their system. A restart is required because the task of replacing files cannot be done when they are being used by the operating system or other applications.

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Meet The First Electric Tractor Of India: Everything You Need To Know


Sonalika Group launched the first field-ready electric tractor in India at an introductory price of Rs 5.99 lakh.

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create your own 2021 New Year stickers on whatsapp


WhatsApp already offers multiple sticker packs, but what if you want to create your own sticker packs? There are a number of ways to create fun and creative WhatsApp stickers.

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India’s First Glass Skywalk Is Perched High Above The Mountains In Sikkim’s Pelling


You dont have to fly to Canada to walk above the mountains through an imposing glass bridge. Our very own Sikkim has a magnificent glass Skywalk perched above the mist-clad mountains of Pelling.

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WhatsApp new features: Missed group calls, Paste multiple images, and more


WhatsApp is adding a few major features to its Android and iOS beta apps. The Facebook-owned company just recently added voice and video call feature to desktop/web platform.

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BSNL Revises Bharat Fiber FTTH Broadband Plans With Faster Speeds, Up to 4TB Data Allocation


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has revised its Bharat Fiber broadband plans to offer additional high-speed data allocation along with faster speeds.

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Jupiter Saturn great conjunction.


Today’s great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn comes after nearly 400 years. Apart from being the first time in nearly 400 years the planetary giants have been this close to one another, this is also the first time in 800 years that the alignment will occur at night.

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Facebook working on read human brain using AI sensor


Facebook is apparently planning to build a new neural sensor that can read people’s minds and convert these thoughts into actions.

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Facebook Fuel for India: WhatsApp to soon let users in India buy ‘sachet sized’ insurance


WhatsApp revealed that users will be able to buy affordable health insurance coverage from SBI General using the platform by the end of the year.

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The New Way To Connect With World eSIM


The humble SIM card has survived for quite a while, but it now finally looks like it’s on its way out. Why? Well, the eSIM, a much smarter technology, is here to save the day.

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How To Use Netflix Secret Codes In 2020: Cheat Codes For Binge Watching


You may have heard of cheat codes that unlock unknown treasures in computer games. But if you’re someone who has invested too much into binge watching, then you can try out tons of Netflix secret codes to unearth the hidden categories on the popular streaming service.

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Without Internet Send Message Instant Message App


Instant messaging apps have made our lives easier than before. Conveying what you want to say to a person or group is just a matter of a few seconds, thanks to the internet. But what about places where there is no internet? What if you’re stranded in a remote location, or worse, the authorities have ordered an internet shutdown?

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How to make android phone secure and check security


If your Android phone is slow, shows popups, or freezes, it might have been hacked. Here's how to check and what to do next.

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Android apps have security risk


"We're estimating that hundreds of millions of Android users are at security risk," Check Point's Manager of Mobile Research, Aviran Hazum, said. "Although Google implemented a patch, many apps are still using outdated Play Core libraries. The vulnerability CVE-2020-8913 is highly dangerous, [and] the attack possibilities here are only limited by a threat actor's imagination."

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Top whatsapp 2020 features


When we talk about the top WhatsApp tricks in 2020, we’re looking at incremental updates that have made it a better platform.

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Get the saved wifi password using a single command in windows system


It is very easy to find WiFi password in Windows 10 using a few CMD commands. These commands work even when you are offline, or you are connected to some other WiFi network.

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Upcoming Google Feature Will Stop You From Texting While Walking


Google’s idea behind Digital Wellbeing built into Android has always been to make people decrease their phone usage through subtle hints and reminders.

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Easily retrieve windows Wi Fi passwords using the script


olinone helps to everyone for getting the forget the Wifi password using command line. "Sourabh Jain" create the shell script. I hope it will help you retrieve windows Wi-Fi passwords from the command line.

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How to read whatsapp deleted message


The feature is indeed helpful for recalling the message if you have committed a spelling mistake or if you have sent the message unintentionally. However, if you want to see deleted WhatsApp messages, there are a couple of workarounds that can be used.

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12 Best Apps for generating pdf in Android phone


These were our picks for the best Android scanner apps of 2020. But choosing the right one depends on what kind of usage you’re looking for. Whether you want a pre-loaded and easy to use document scanner like Google Drive or Office Lens or, if you want advanced scanners then you might want to go for Clear Scanner, Adobe Scanner, Fast Scanner, etc.

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Earn Money from Google Task Mate App In india


Google has recently launched a new app called Task Mate that lets users earn money by completing simple tasks such as taking pictures or recording short audio clips.

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Google assistant having new feature can now turn on or off light at a given time


With the introduction of Device Controls in Android 11, Google made it extremely easy to control smart home devices. However, you still needed to toggle to turn them on or off.

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2 Days Free Netflix subscription in India


Last month Netflix a StreamFest to give everyone a free weekend of Netflix and chill. Now it is making good on its promise by offering two days of free subscription without requiring the card details.

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Android & iOS password forget and data inside the device unlock phone using Dr Fone


Dr.Fone is a reliable and hassle-free screen unlocking solution by Wondershare which creates a variety of utility software.

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Pune based company developed indian game Raji


On what is a historic day for the Indian gaming industry, Raji: The Ancient Epic has bagged a nomination from The Game Awards.

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In what is a stellar announcement for PUBG fans across India, PUBG Mobile is officially re-launching in the country soon. The games official Instagram delivered the news to the fans on October 12, 2020.

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Windows 10 forget password issue solution


One of the many problems that Windows 10 users are dealing with these days is the Windows 10 password bug.

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Google shuting down unlimited storage in google photos in 2021


Google Photos is losing one of its best features. In a blog post, the company announced it would be ending starting June 1, 2021.

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How to know if a smartphone fulfill your requirements?


Choosing a smartphone is a difficult task as market is crowded with lots of players offering similar products. In this post we will discuss about things you need to consider while buying a smartphone :

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Microsoft to end support for Windows 10 in 2025


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