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Twitter Shares New Feature Concepts for Improved Privacy, User Discoverability


Although Twitter is facing a pressing legal issue in India, the Facebook rival continues to work on various new features to add to its platform. A Twitter executive today shared a number of features concepts, varying from privacy-focused features to user discovery.

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WhatsApp May Want You to Connect Devices with a Cable for Chat Migration


Earlier this year in April, WhatsApp was spotted working on an official chat migration method to help users transfer chats between their Android and iOS devices. Since then, we also got to know that the Facebook-owned messaging app will even make it possible to transfer chats to a different phone number.

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Instagram now focus on the creators video


Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram has posted a video on Twitter which reveals that the company is focused on bringing new video-based features to the platform. Mosseri said that Instagram will focus on creators, video, shopping, and messaging. He also made it clear that ‘Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app.’

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How to Send Disappearing Photos and Videos in WhatsApp feature works


Have you ever wanted to send images and videos that you would prefer not to keep in the chat window of WhatsApp? If yes, WhatsApp will soon add what you are looking for. After confirming the feature in an interview recently, WhatsApp has started rolling out the option to send disappearing photos and videos to beta testers on Android.

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Instagram testing a feature that lets you post photos from desktop


Facebook Inc.’s Instagram is testing a feature that lets users post photos and videos from their desktop computers, after more than a decade without the capability.

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Instagram will now display ads in Reels


Instagram will now start showing ads in Reels. After a successful test in select countries, the social media giant is now launching Reels ads. Instagram will display full-screen ads and those will be vertical, similar to ads in Stories. One will notice ads in between individual Reels.

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Instagram will now display ads in Reels


Instagram will now start showing ads in Reels. After a successful test in select countries, the social media giant is now launching Reels ads. Instagram will display full-screen ads and those will be vertical, similar to ads in Stories. One will notice ads in between individual Reels.

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Facebook adds new tools for admins to offer better control on communities


Facebook has announced new admin tools to offer better control of online communities. Admins can now restrict people who don’t qualify to participate based on several options, such as how long they’ve had a Facebook account or whether they have recently violated group rules.

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Spotify launches Greenroom app, its direct Clubhouse competitor


Spotify has launched its Clubhouse competitor: a new dedicated app called Greenroom, which focuses on live audio format. In March this year, Spotify had announced it was acquiring Betty Labs, the creators of Locker Room, which brought live audio format into their ecosystem. Greenroom is the revamped version of the app.

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How to use Snapchat Cartoon 3D Style Lens


Snapchat recently released a new Cartoon 3D Style Lens or filter to allow users to transform into unique cartoon characters. The company says millions of users have globally engaged with the lens since its launch, which has been viewed more than 1.7 billion times.

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WhatsApp launch 5 feature soon


WhatsApp is working on a number of features for both Android and iOS. The company recently confirmed that it will be expanding the Disappearing messages feature and will also add a ‘View Once’ option. It is also expected to add the calling feature to the Web version of WhatsApp.

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How to disable WhatsApp Web’s persistent notification


WhatsApp Web support is one of the app’s most handy features, allowing users to take their personal and group chats to a web browser on their desktop or laptop. However, one perk of WhatsApp Web may feel frustrating to some users. This is the persistent notification the app puts on your phone.

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Instagram Shadowbanning


Social media consumes most of our time these days. The pandemic responsible for major transitions in our lives has ended up in upbringing an “influencer” in every place. But what astonishes many is how the social media algorithms work and throw content right to the audience’s choice.

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How to use WhatsApp Fast Playback for voice messages


WhatsApp introduced a new feature that lets users choose between multiple playback speeds while playing an audio file. The new options let you listen to longer voice messages easily and can also be used to skip through large messages to get to a particular point.

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How to Take a Break From Someone on Facebook


Facebook is adding new features aimed at protecting and improving the mental health of its users.Along the same lines, Facebook brought the “Take a Break” feature a while ago and lets you virtually mute any user without having to unfriend or block them

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Poparazzi Is a New Instagram like App That Doesn’t Let You Post Selfies


A fresh photo-sharing app has surfaced last week and it didn’t take long for it to take the top spot on the App Store. And well, we are not surprised. Dubbed Poparazzi, the app is developed by a California-based startup TTYL, and it is essentially the opposite of Instagram.

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Twitter Spaces now available on mobile web and desktop as well


Twitter recently introduced its audio chat rooms called Spaces, and it is now available on both mobile and desktop browsers. If you have more than 600 followers on Twitter, then you can host a Space right now. The feature is available within the app and is accessible to both Android and iOS users.

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Instagram Drop feature for the shop new products on the platform


Instagram has launched a new Drops feature to let you shop new products on the platform. Using this feature, Instagram users will able to check out the latest products or limited releases that will be available in the coming weeks.

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Instagram may soon pay those who create Reels


Instagram introduced Reels to offer users a good alternative to TikTok and now, it seems the company wants to give users one more reason to start using it. The Facebook-owned company is working on a “Bonuses” feature, which will allow the creators to earn money by making Reels.

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Instagram is introducing new insights for Reels and Live for creators, business accounts


Instagram is rolling out updates, which will introduce insights for Reels and IG Live. The updates are aimed to help creators and businesses better understand and evaluate their performance on Instagram by providing them with essential data about the reach of their content.

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How to free up your 15GB free Google storage across Gmail, Drive and Photos


Google Photos is ending its unlimited free storage for photos on June 1. Once this happens, users will be limited to the 15GB free Google storage that the company allows for all accounts, which will be split across Photos, Gmail, and Drive storage.

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How to hide like on instagram


Instagram recently started a new test allowing users to choose whether to hide the like counts on their own posts or other posts they see on their feed. That, Instagram says, will reduce the negative psychological effects that the number of likes on your posts vs likes on other similar posts can have on users

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Hide Private Photos in google photos


At its Google I/O 2021 developer conference, which is happening all online this year, Google has announced a new feature for Google Photos today. While talking about protecting the privacy of its users, the company showed off a much-awaited “Locked Folder” feature coming to Google Photos soon.

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Instagram added new feature in website using this feature user will allow post from website


Instagram‘s desktop website is just about a decent way to browse the photo-sharing platform. In fact, it’s one of the only ways for users to access Instagram on an iPad since the company is yet to launch an iPad app (and probably won’t).

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Instagram has introduced a new feature that will allow you to add pronouns to your profiles


Instagram has introduced a new feature that will allow you to add pronouns to your profiles. You will now be able to add up to four pronouns to your Instagram profile which will appear next to your Instagram username. Instagram has stated that people can fill out a form to have a pronoun added, in case it’s not already available.

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Now Google photos allow to user create themed movie


Google Photos will now allow you to create different themed movies. The feature relies on Google’s identification of people and things in your photos and the platform now has the ability to recognize cats and dogs in your images.

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Now user can see easily downloaded song in spotify


Music streaming service Spotify has released a new update that features a redesigned Library section in the application. The new update which will soon roll out to both Android and iOS devices adds an easier search option for items that listeners have already added to their collection of favorite tracks.

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WhatsApp upcoming feature messages disappear after 24 hours


WhatsApp is said to be testing a new option, that would allow users to set the messages to automatically vanish 24 hours after being sent. WhatsApp users can currently set their messages to disappear seven days after they are sent. According to reports by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is set to expand the functionality of this feature in the near future.

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Features are upcoming in snapshot


Ever since short-form videos and face filters gained popularity on the web, Snapchat has been one of the top platforms amongst creators. It was primarily because of Snapchat’s massive collection of unique AR lenses and nifty features you can use to make Stories. It lets you connect with friends, family, and subscribers in a different and fun way.

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Twitter users able to tip their favourite account


Recently Twitter has launched the audio-chat platform "spaces" and The company was expected to launch a new tip-jar feature for Spaces audio chat platform. But Now company wants to added a tip button to individual profiles as well. A new button hidden in the Twitter app, suggests the feature could be just around the corner.

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WhatsApp Pink Color App scam


Just a few days back, a WhatsApp forward made rounds on the messaging app, which asked users to download a pink version of the app. The message involves a link and suggests that you can use a new version of WhatsApp with new features.

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Facebook user now able to move post, media and notes from facebook to another platform


Tech giant Facebook has just launched a new trick that lets its users transfer their Facebook data to other sites. The service allows users to transfer data and media including all your photos, videos, posts, notes, and even ad-related information from the platform to other relevant services. The feature will come in handy for people looking to quit off the platform.

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Now hackers can deactivate your account permanently from whatsapp


Even though WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms, the app has recently put users at risk with several issues, including its privacy policy update. We recently saw a nasty scam circulating on WhatsApp that enables a user’s contacts to hack them.

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Whatsapp will introduce shopping feature in WhatsApp business


WhatsApp has announced new shopping features that will be available on the company’s Business app. The Facebook-owned company is now providing businesses with the ability to create and manage catalogs from WhatsApp web or desktop version rather than just smartphones.

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Whatsapp upcoming feature transfer chat


WhatsApp works on migration chat from android to iOS. After this feature transfer chats between Android and iOS, which is a long-awaited feature. The messaging app lets you back up your data to a third-party cloud storage app but doesn’t support chat history migration from one device to another.

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how to use payment feature in clubhouse


Most popular audio chat app Clubhouse introducing payments, where users will be able to pay creators for the shows they host on the platform. Clubhouse confirmed the same in a new blogpost, adding that the idea is to help “creators build community, audience and impact,” and as they scale, they also want to help creators by making money on the platform.Clubhouse, Clubhouse payments feature, How to make payments on Clubhouse

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Clubhouse added payment feature in the app


Starting Monday, all users will be able to send payments through the platform, Clubhouse said. The feature to receive payments will initially be available only to a small test group, and later rolled out to other customers.

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Facebook gives users more control over their news feed


Facebook has introduced a set of new features that will make users choose how the content appears in their news feed. The feature, called News Feed Filter Bar, essentially lets you see posts chronologically.

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MobiKwik user data leaked


The data of nearly 3.5 million users for mobile wallet and payments app MobiKwik is reported to be on sale on a hacker forum on the dark web. The dataset is around 8.2TB in size and includes details of KYC documents, Aadhaar cards, credit card details, mobile phone numbers linked to MobiKwik wallet, etc.

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Signal Privacy and security feature


Signal is one of the more popular messaging applications right now. While it isn’t the most feature-packed app, like its rivals WhatsApp and Telegram, Signal is big on all things privacy. The app’s motto for user data protection has trickled down to a number of in-app features that offer users top-notch privacy that not a lot of apps out there can offer.

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How to protect from hackers attack


Nowadays Scamming can easily happen in different ways. A hacker gains access to your valuable information using phishing attacks or malware through a public Wi-Fi connection.

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cPanel and WHM patched security vulnerability


cPanel, a provider of popular administrative tools to manage web hosting, has patched a security vulnerability that could have allowed remote attackers with access to valid credentials to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) protection on an account.

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Hacker Listen call on facebook messenger


Facebook has patched a bug in its widely installed Messenger app for Android that could have allowed a remote attacker to call unsuspecting targets and listen to them before even they picked up the audio call.

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Google photos alternative app


Google has announced that Google Photos will no longer offer free unlimited storage starting June 1, 2021.

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Case on google using user cellular data without user permission


Four U.S. citizens have filed a class-action complaint against Google for using their cellular data for passive information transfers.

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without authenticate access digilocker


The Indian Government has acknowledged that the secure document wallet service Digilocker could have allowed hackers to bypass mobile OTP and sign in as other users without requiring passwords.

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watch free live tv streaming sites online


You can use the login shared by your cable TV provider to stream live free TV content on your computer or phone, but that isnt exactly what cord-cutters are looking for.

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How to make secure emails from hackers


In the age of modern connectivity, emails are the de facto mode of communication. Securing emails from cybercriminals is a difficult task.

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How to use or access blocked website


We are living in the 21st century, but the instances of websites getting blocked are more than ever. In some countries, governments banning social networks and censoring other content is a common thing.

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Instagram bug opened hackers spy gate

Instagram bug opened hackers spy gate


Details of a bug on Instagram Android and iOS app reveal that hackers could spy on you by sending an image. Not just this, the bug could also lead to Instagram repeatedly crashing till uninstalled and re-installed.

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whatsapp disappear message


After Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp will also introduce disappearing messages. When enabled, the messages you share in a conversation will automatically get deleted after seven days.

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Deepfake bots used for the undress underage girls


In June of 2019, Vice uncovered the existence of a disturbing app that used AI to undress women. Called DeepNude, it allowed users to upload a photo of a clothed woman for $50 and get back a photo of her seemingly naked.

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How to hide like on instagram


Instagram recently started a new test allowing users to choose whether to hide the like counts on their own posts or other posts they see on their feed. That, Instagram says, will reduce the negative psychological effects that the number of likes on your posts vs likes on other similar posts can have on users

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