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Knowing More closely to our Rajasthan

30 March, 2020 - By

Rajasthan's Culture dates back to the years of Kings where it was previously called Rajputana. Over the years it has been ruled by various kings including the Rajput, Marathas and even Muslim rulers, which have resulted in the diverse culture of Rajasthan, bearing numerous beautiful forts with a wide variety in its architecture, language and customs of its people. Rajasthan, in spite of being a desert, has been endowed with such beautiful sites that include various palaces, forts and pilgrim centres that define what Rajasthan is.

The Culture of Rajasthan that makes it one of the most tourist-oriented states in India:

  • Padharo Mhare Desh
  • Folk Music And Dance
  • Food and Cuisine of Rajasthan
  • Handicrafts
  • Traditional Dresses of Rajasthan
  • Language

Padharo Mhare Desh

Most of the people in Rajasthan are involved in tourism-related jobs and hence take this principle very seriously as they earn their revenue due to the tourists and have pledged to serve them. A popular folk song 'Padharo Mhare Desh' literary means 'Welcome to my country'. Rajasthan Hospitality is famous all over the world.

Folk Music And Dance

Since many rulers ruled Rajasthan, each region has its own folk culture. The folk music and dance of Rajasthan are similar due to their geographical confinement, but each differs in their unique style. Manganiyars and Langas are two prominent groups that contributed to the Rajasthan folk music. They perform 'ragas' (songs) for different purposes. Like during the pre-monsoon time, they would perform ragas to call forth the rains. Other famous groups are Banjaras, Mirasis, Jogis, and much more.
Many traditional instruments are used by them that include sarangi, kamayach, dhols, shenhai, and been. Folk songs were usually for certain purposes like weddings or birth or were passed to tell a story of bravery or a romantic tale. They were usually in the form of ballads. The dance is varied as well. Dance differed among different tribes. It was mainly for the entertainment of the people and the king. Some of the dances include chang, ghoomer, bhopa, tejali, and kathipuli. Ghoomer dance, which originated in Udaipur, has gained international recognition and appreciation.

Food and Cuisine of Rajasthan

Rajasthani food is known for its various spices and also its sweetness. Rajasthan is most famous for dalbati - A dish comprising of dal and wheat flour kneaded with yoghurt and dressed in ghee. It is also famous for kachori - the kachori in Rajasthan are of two types - sweet and spicy. The spicy kachori is called the pyaaz or onion kachori, and the sweet kachori called the mawa kachori. Both these kachoris are easily available in any food stalls in Rajasthan. Ghewar and gheriya are some delectable sweet dishes originating from Mewar, available in most restaurants at Rajasthan. Most of the Rajasthani dishes are made in ghee. More than 70% of people in Rajasthan are Lacto vegetarian making it one of the most vegetarian states in India. However, non-vegetarian dished like Lal Maas and Mohan Maas are delicacies in Rajasthani cuisine.

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