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27 October, 2020 - By

There seems to be no end to the crime against minors in the city. We donít want to make our country a rapist. In our society we called the female as an image of goddess and in another side we treat them as trash.
As one of the part of society we need to aware the people about such crimes and contribute to stopped them and take some appropriate legal actions against the guilty to stop crime and create some fear against the law in the eyes of RapistÖ
Rape is the worst form of violation. It is a barbaric act, which canít be treated with civilized laws, as civilized laws make it look like a regular crime.
Solution for such type of social issue we need to make awareness "SEX Education".
India is the second most populated country in the world and on its way to beat China to top the population chart. With such a booming population, the need for sex education is obvious, and yet remains unacted upon. India is home to 253 million adolescents (aged 10-19 years) who comprise 21% of the countryís population as per the 2011 census who receive little to no education about their own sexuality.

What is sex education?
Sex education is a programme which educates and informs young individuals about sex, sexual health, sexuality, and sexual rights in an age-appropriate manner. It increases their awareness about their own body and that of the opposite gender.
Adolescents undergo various physical changes when they hit puberty, and often end up being embarrassed by it. Lack of information and misinformation make them self-conscious about physiological changes such as pubic hair, facial hair, developing body parts, etc. These changes make them prone to insecurities and vulnerable to low self-esteem. AEP quashes these doubts and confusion by preparing young individuals for what is to come.

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