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Digital marketing vs offline marketing

29 October, 2020 - By

Offline Marketing:

Offline marketing is any advertising strategy that is published and released, in its entirety, outside of the internet. Offline marketing strategies can be implemented over a multitude of different media including through point, radio, television, banners, print media, and more.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing, or digital marketing, as it is commonly known, is a marketing strategy that utilizes the internet to deliver promotions, advertisements and solicit the attention of the target audience. The online marketing process includes utilizing web content, email campaigns, video advertising, and even virtual and augmented reality in order to drive direct sales to ecommerce or generate sales leads.

Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing

online Marketing

There are several aspects to take into account when comparing online marketing vs offline marketing, including cost, level of exposure, convenience, and personalization. Starting with cost; online marketing tends to be significantly cheaper than offline because of all the expenses that accompany physical delivery of marketing messages. For instance, reserving advertisement space/time on television and newspaper is much more expensive than delivering ads online via social media. However, the major difference in costs shows up when it comes to targeting: while the whole campaign may cost the same, the costs per lead are significantly cheaper in online marketing. The reason is that ads can be precisely targeted to your desired audience, without wasting money on people that are not even interested in your ad. Advertisements can target very specific categories of people, ultimately capturing leads that turn into sales. The result is that you only pay for actual leads that you want. Offline marketing simply does not have these benefits because the information is not available at such a large scale.
Offline Marketing The central question that we want to answer is whether online marketing is the new default strategy, or whether offline marketing still has a justified reason to exist. Considering the advantages of online marketing, it is easy to say that it appears better in every way and is the better choice for any business. However, while the impact of the internet on marketing is undeniable, it may be exaggerated. For instance, according to Internet World Stats, 78 percent of the population in the U.S is online. This leaves nearly 70 million Americans who cant be reached through online marketing efforts at all! The fact that some user groups can be reached only via offline channels is only one of the many reasons why many companies still regard offline channels as a fundamental aspect of their marketing mix. Another reason is that it really depends on the message whether online marketing or offline marketing is the better channel. For some messages, for instance for those that are highly local, offline billboards might just be more visible than ads on social media. Conclusion We always need customers. We always would like to improve our turnover or sales. We are not trying to discriminate for those who run only offline stores. Try to build exposure in the online sector also. It will make you more profitable with less expense.

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